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Flex Test Kits – Flex Purity Tests

Flex purity test kits include reagent tests, TLC kits and test strips. Choose reagent tests to identify most substances (check reactions at Pair reagents with a TLC test kit to discover number and amount (%) of almost all ingredients. Use fentanyl test strips to rule out fentanyl.

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Mephedrone (4-MMC) is a psychoactive substance that became widespread as a popular “legal high” around 2009. It exhibits strong stimulant effects, its use can induce states of euphoria and empathy, but also aggression, psychosis, paranoia and depression. If it contains an undesirable composition, it can additionally risk compounding health-related problems.

To meet the needs of our customers, we offer drug test kits for FLEX. Find out how they work and what you can gain from using them.

Everything you need to know about test kits for FLEX (Cathinones)

FLEX test kits identify mephedrone and the most popular substitutes, although due to the number of related cathinones, without pairing reagents tests with TLC it is unfortunately impossible to distinguish, for example, 4-MMC from 3-MMC at home . Depending on the one chosen, other tools and accessories are included. In addition, identification tests are divided into single-use and multi-use.

Drug test kit for FLEX (Cathinones): What is it and how does it work?

How does a FLEX test kit work? In this case, reagents are used that react with the treated sample. They are also used to exclude highly toxic hazardous substances that may be admixed with them.

You must bear in mind that reagents can indicate the presence of a substance, but they cannot determine whether there are admixtures in the sample, how many there are and what their concentration is. Reagents will only detect an admixture if the admixture causes a darker color reaction than the expected substance.

How to use drug test kit for FLEX (Cathinones)?

How does a drug test kit for FLEX work? First of all, a sample must be prepared. The substance can be in the form of crystalline powder hydrochloride, capsules or pills. If you are testing a pill, powder or crystal, you need to crush it into a fine dust.

The prepared sample is then exposed to the reagent, and after the indicated time it is checked to see if the color has changed. All the steps necessary for the test are explained to you step by step in the instructions.

Testing for FLEX (Cathinones): How to interpret test results?

What does it mean when the tester for FLEX has changed color? Check the meaning of specific colors in the attached instructions or on our website. It may vary depending on the reagent used.

Comparison of FLEX test kits

What are the differences between the various kits for testing FLEX? First of all, the reagents used in them, as well as the tools present in the kit. Most of them have a single reagent, which most often appears in the name of the test.

Thus, MARQUIS reagent – contains Marquis reagent, MECKE narcotest – Mecke reagent, and Liebermann narcotest – Liebermann reagent. In the case of a kit with multiple reagents, their exact enumeration can be found in the description on the product page.

FLEX tester vs. other detection methods

You can also find drug test kits for FLEX in other forms, but most of them involve testing for it after use, that is, detecting it in bodily fluids. In our store, however, you will find tests that allow you to test the substance even before it is consumed.

FLEX purity tests: Why are they so important?

To make sure that the substance is pure, without any harmful additives, it is worth reaching for a test for FLEX. It will confirm its purity and determine whether there are any additional substances in it. If, on the other hand, admixtures are detected, then you should especially refrain from taking the substance.

Drug test kits for FLEX: Safety and effectiveness

Any FLEX tester you will find in our offer are carefully prepared products that meet strict UN standards. We take care of the highest quality of our proposals, and at the same time make sure that all of them have affordable prices. Therefore, with us you save your health, time and money!

FLEX drug test safety

When performing our tests, whether it be detecting FLEX or identifying admixtures, you must be careful every time you use the reagents. These are strong chemicals. When using them, single-use gloves should be worn, and contact with the skin and respiratory tract should be avoided.

You will find all safety recommendations in the instructions for each test. Pay attention to the expiration date – if it has been exceeded, make sure the tests still work with an already tested sample or another confirmed substance, such as aspirin.

Effectiveness of drug tests for FLEX

Surely you are wondering if such tests are reliable and their results can be trusted? We can reassure you. The high quality of all components included in the tests, especially the reagents, make them characterized by high precision measurements. Similar ones are used by the police and medical services, among others, which is a sufficient guarantee of their effectiveness.

Tests to detect the presence of FLEX: Practical applications

When is the best time to reach for a FLEX tester? Ideally, always before you plan to test the purity of this substance. This will avoid the unknown risk of introducing unwanted highly harmful agents into your body.

What are the possible uses of FLEX testing?

Since the FLEX tests we offer do not require any special conditions to perform or preparations, you can use them virtually anywhere you are. They will always give the right results, whether you perform them in your own home or outside, such as in a hotel room on vacation.

So see all the test kits in our offer today and order the test kit of your choice!

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