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Marijuana test

The marijuana test we offer is for people who use psychoactive substances and want to reduce the risk of poisoning the body with unwanted admixtures. Through its use, you can detect the presence of synthetic cannabinoids, which should prompt you to give up using the substance, as it can bring unexpected harmful effects to your health.

What do marijuana tests look like and how does their use work in practice? We explain – read on and find out!

THC test – what does it contain?

All of our THC tests do not require any specialized knowledge from users. They are designed to be used at any time. With the exception of the TLC Cannabinoid Test, each is a kit that includes Cannabis Reagent (4-AP), a porcelain plate, a microtip, and an instruction manual with application.

The reagents that allow cannabis testing are in the form of liquids. Since they are sensitive to light and the influence of air, the material of manufacture of the bottles is good quality HDPE (high-density polyethylene). Thanks to the effective protection of their contents, they not only give confidence that the reagents are fully effective, but also provide an extended shelf life.

THC test – how should it be used?

As already mentioned, the CANNABIS drug test does not require any specialized knowledge from the user. The test can be conducted anywhere, where a sample of the substance under test should be applied to the plate included in the kit. If it happens to be damaged or lost, you can use an ordinary plate or even the bottom of a cup for this purpose.

To test for THC, shake the bottle, then use the reagent in the amount needed to precisely cover the sample. Then add at least that much alone from the second bottle of the THC test. Then you must wait the time specified in the instructions – which is 3 minutes.

THC test – how to read the result?

How to check what result the THC drug test gave? If there is an impurity, the sample will turn a color other than blue. This is what indicates that there is an undesirable admixture in the substance. What kind of admixture? The most common admixtures are particularly dangerous synthetic cannabinoids. The instructions included with the test contain full information, and you can also conveniently use our app.

Remember an important thing – concerning THC, the test will only show the presence of undesirable substances, but will not say anything about their amount. If you want to find out the exact amount, you need to combine reagents with a TLC-type Cannabinoids test. You can also go for tests designed to detect only specific substances, such as a strip test for fentanyl.

Marijuana test – how many times can you use it?

When you buy a test for THC content in marijuana from our store, you can be sure that you are making an investment in a kit that will serve you for a long time. It contains two bottles of reagents. There is enough in each to last up to a hundred tests. So, when you buy THC drug tests with two reagents, you can use them almost two hundred times.

If you don’t use psychoactive substances often, the Cannabis disposable test is a good option. True to its name, it contains enough reagent for you to perform one test with it.

Test for THC content in the dried product – what should you keep in mind?

All reagents, regardless of their form, are chemical substances, so avoid contact with the eyes and mouth, and do not inhale their fumes. Its contact with the skin should be prevented, and if it happens – immediately wash it with soap and water.

When you perform a test for THC content in the dried product, you need to wash under running water the tools used and the test surface (that is, the ceramic plate from the kit or any other object that served in this role).

Test for THC content in marijuana – can you trust the results?

Each marijuana test you will find in our store has undergone rigorous testing before being released for sale. Therefore, it is characterized by high efficiency of the results achieved, which makes it authoritative. We can also add that similar tests are used by customs, law enforcement and medical facilities, among others.

When might you need a marijuana test?

When might you need a marijuana test? There are many such situations, and since it is small, you can take it with you when traveling, on vacation, and also use it at home or even while at a party. The test will allow you to check whether the substance you have is pure and can be used without risking negative health consequences – and such unpleasant effects can occur when marijuana has been contaminated.

With our offer you can ensure your safety for a small amount, so order a THC test today!

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