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Do you count yourself among or know people who occasionally or regularly use psychoactive substances? If so, you are certainly aware of the importance of the purity of the drug you are taking. The first place that comes to mind if you want to test it is a laboratory. However, this is usually a very large expense.

That’s why we suggest the Liebermann drug test – an affordable and easy-to-use test that anyone can do on their own at home!

Liebermann test – what is it?

Liebermann test kit is a set of accessories designed for those who want to test for the presence of substances such as 2C-B, DMT, ketamine, MDMA, meth/amphetamine, mephedrone, opioids and others. The entire procedure is very simple and takes just a few minutes. It does not require the tester to have any special skills or knowledge of how the reagents work.

The test involves adding the reagent to a sample of the substance, and then checking the reaction. If the color of the sample has changed, it means that the presence of an admixture has been detected. This is an alarm signal that should make you consider whether it is worth the risk of ingesting it and putting your health at serious risk.

What does the Liebermann test kit consist of?

Equipped with the Liebermann reagent, the drug test consists of five components. In addition to the reagent itself, you get with it a microspatula, a porcelain plate, instructions with application and more than 800 substances. The reagent bottle is made of high-quality amber-brown glass. It protects the Liebermann reagent from light, moisture and air – only open the package when you perform the test!

Liebermann drug test – how to perform it?

Once you have a Liebermann test kit, you can run the test at any time. To do this, you must first prepare a sample. Its form depends on the physical state of the substance. In the case of a tablet, powder or crystal, crush a piece into fine dust. If you are testing a blotter or gel, cut 1/8 (corner). If you are testing a liquid, dry a drop on paper or a clean ceramic surface.

When the sample is ready, coat it with reagent – you can flatten the crystals on the sample with a micro spatula. Then leave the sample for three minutes. Performed with the Liebermann reagent, the test will show the presence of the admixture with a color change. You will read the meaning of each color thanks to the instructions included in the Liebermann drug test kit or using the mobile app.

What is important and what you must always remember – the drug test conducted with the Liebermann reagent only indicates the presence of admixture, but does not show its quantity or concentration. However, you can check this with the TLC drug purity test, which is also available in our store.

What safety measures does the Liebermann drug test require?

Liebermann reagent contains substances harmful to the human body, so disposable gloves and protective goggles are recommended during the test. If the reagent touches the skin, immediately wash the area with soap and water. Do not point the reagent toward your face during the test!

When you are done testing, wash the plate (or other surface where the test was performed) with plenty of water, and dispose of the sample after testing in the same way. Using Liebermann reagent, the drug test should be placed in a dry and cool place, away from children and animals.

Always check the expiration date of the reagent before using Liebermann test kit! If it has been exceeded, it should not be used.

Liebermann test – the store offers it at an affordable price

Using the Liebermann reagent, the drug test is a high-quality product that was made with tools recommended by the United Nations. This in itself makes it possible to have confidence in the results of measurements made with it. The same kits are used all over the world by medical facilities and various police services.

When you buy a Liebermann reagent drug test, you get access to a convenient tool for checking the purity of substances. If the results of the test performed raise your doubts, you can always conduct another test. Remember, however, that you must use a new sample for this, and the plate should be washed.

How much does a Liebermann reagent-based test cost? The PRO Test store offers it at a very affordable price, so you can save not only your health, but also your money with us!

Liebermann drug test – a pass to health

No one who takes psychoactive substances wants unexpected side effects to occur. Therefore, using the Liebermann reagent, the drug test will allow you to stay healthy – if admixtures are detected, then it is recommended not to take such a substance.

At ProtestKit, we also have other reagents for testing substances, both whole kits and reusable ones, such as the FENTANYL test or MDMA Test Kit. With us, you can protect yourself no matter what substance you are taking!

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