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The use of psychoactive substances involves the risk of ingesting contaminated substances into the body. They can have a negative, debilitating effect on it, while in extreme cases they can even lead to death. That is why it is so important to check the purity of crystals, powders, blotters and pills.

Froehde is one of the most popular agents for conducting just such tests. You can get it from us in a kit along with the necessary accessories for testing the purity of opioids, MDMA and others.

Froehde test kit – a kit that can save your health

Froehde narcotest, or Froehde drug test, can be used to rule out the presence of particularly harmful substances in a psychoactive substance. These substitutes can have extremely dangerous effects on health, so it is worth taking the test and making sure that taking it will not be associated with unpleasant consequences. And if you detect suspicious additives, then we recommend refraining from taking the contaminated substance.

How is the test performed? In general, it is a very simple operation that requires neither advanced knowledge of psychoactive substances, nor specialized equipment. You receive everything necessary in the kit. The Froehde test kit includes: the Froehde reagent, a microspatula and a porcelain plate, as well as instructions with an application for all tests.

Froehde test – simple use

Performed with Froehde, the drug test can identify as many as eight hundred substances! Remember, however, that it only indicates their presence, but not the amount in the sample! However, there is a way to measure the quantity as well – for this you need to combine the reagents with the TLC drug purity test available in our store.

Made with Froehde reagent, the test is very simple – you add it to a prepared sample, which you place on a porcelain plate. The sample should be crushed (if you have a tablet or crystal), and in the case of a liquid, you should dry the droplets on clean paper (a paper towel can be used for this) or a plate. Froehde reagent comes in the form of crystals. You should flatten them in on the sample with a clean tool – you can use the enclosed microspatula for this.

The reagent should cover the entire sample. After applying it, you leave the whole thing for three minutes, and then check the color change.

Froehde drug test – how to read its result?

Froehde test kit comes with instructions on how to interpret the results. You can also use the app for this purpose. In both cases, note that the reagent will only detect additives if they cause a darker color reaction. Fortunately, this phenomenon occurs with most substances and so, for example, heroin will give a purple color and 2C-B a yellow-green color, but LSD or MMC will not change the color of the reagent.

If you are not sure about the result of the test you have performed or it seems false – wash the plate, spatula and perform another one. Froehde test kit is 10 ml of reagent, which allows you to perform up to 100 tests. The crystals are protected by a sturdy amber glass, which protects them from external influences, such as sun, humidity and air. Remember to close the bottle carefully after each test, and store it in a place of moderate temperature.

Froehde drug test – what do you need to remember?

Because of its high efficiency, the Froehde reagent is used globally – including by medical and law enforcement agencies – to identify benzofurans, MDMA, MDA, mescaline, mephedrone and opioids as well as meth/amphetamine, tryptamines, phenethylamines and others. Therefore, you can have confidence in the results of his research.

Remember that when you use the Froehde drug test, you should avoid contact of the reagent with your body and clothing – and if you do, you should wash the area of contact with Froehde with soap and water as soon as possible. We recommend wearing gloves and safety goggles each time you perform the test. After performing it, wash the plate and spatula under warm running water.

Remember to always check the expiration date of the test. If it has been exceeded, do not use it without making sure with an already confirmed sample that the reagent works!

Froehde test – our store has more than that!

We offer a high-quality Froehde test – our store sells it at a very affordable price, so taking proper care of your health does not have to involve large expenses. But we have in our assortment not only the Froedhe reagent. In our store you will also find kits with other reagents, such as the FENTANYL test and MDMA (Ecstasy) Test Kit.

What they all have in common is that they are made to the highest standards recommended by health organizations, including the United Nations. When you buy them from us, you can be sure that you are reaching for the best tests available on the general market. Therefore, if you are a person who uses psychoactive substances, or know one, order a Froehde test kit today. And if you only come in contact with them from time to time, we also have disposable tests with different reagents for you.

Check it out and order today!

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