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Taking contaminated psychoactive substances carries the risk of serious consequences for the body, and can even lead to death. That’s why if you plan to take such a substance, it’s worth checking its purity, whether you have it in tablet, crystal, powder, liquid, blotter or jelly form.

Zimmermann test kit was created to help in this field. Find out how it can help you and what you will get by opting for it!

What is Zimmermann test kit?

Zimmermann drug test is a complete kit for testing the purity of a psychoactive substance. Its main component is Zimmermann reagent in two bottles. In one it is in liquid form, in the other it is crystals. In both, it can be used to identify a-PVP, MDPV, mephedrone and other cathinones, and is also suitable for bezodiazepines and CBD. It is also used to rule out admixture of cathinones and benzodiazepines in other substances.

In addition to it, we have a porcelain plate on which the sample to be tested is placed, as well as a microspatula (used to crush the crystals or mix the liquid and powder), an instruction manual with an application for all tests and more than 800 substances. The amount of reagent is 5 ml each of liquid in both bottles. With one kit, you can perform a total of at least 100 tests!

Remember, however, that the Zimmermann drug test only shows the presence of additives. If you want to know the concentration or amount of any admixture, you need to combine it with another kit. This is the full PRO Drug Test for Purity (TLC), which you can purchase in our store.

How to use Zimmermann test kit?

Once you have Zimmermann test kit, you can test for the presence of admixtures in the psychoactive substance you have. This is a simple operation that does not require any experience or knowledge of chemistry. How to perform it?

Prepare the sample – if the substance you are testing is in the form of a tablet, powder or crystal, you need to crush it into a dust form. If you are testing a jelly or blotter, cut off a corner of it (about 1/8 of its volume), and a liquid – dry a drop on clean paper. Then place the prepared sample on a ceramic plate (or other clean ceramic surface, such as a plate) and add reagent to it.

Apply enough of it to cover the test piece. Be careful not to let the bottle touch the sample while performing the test! When it is covered, wait three minutes and see how the color of the sample has changed. Zimmermann test causes a reaction, and the resulting color indicates the detection of an admixture. Which one? It depends on the color – a detailed explanation of each is shown in the instructions included with the Zimmermann drug test, and you will also find them in the application.

If you think that the drug test conducted with the Zimmermann reagent gave a false result, you can repeat it to be sure. To do this, you need a new sample, and you must also thoroughly clean the test surface.

What to keep in mind when performing a Zimmermann drug test?

The Zimmermann test is based on a chemically strong reagent. When performing the test, avoid its contact of the reagent with the body, and keep it away from the mouth and eyes. It is recommended that goggles and disposable protective gloves be used during the test. If the reagent comes into contact with skin or clothing, immediately wash the contact area with running soap and water.

Store Zimmermann test kit in a dark and cool place, opening the reagent bottle only when you intend to use it. It should be out of the reach of children and animals. When you perform a Zimmermann reagent-using test, the ceramic plate and spatula (if used) should be rinsed, and any residual reagent should be washed off with running water.

Zimmermann drug test – what do you gain from it?

By performing a drug test using the Zimmermann reagent, you can avoid taking a substance that is highly toxic and highly harmful to your body. The test with its participation is highly precise – the results can be trusted. The kits offered by PRO Test are created using tools recommended by the United Nations. They are used, among others, by medical facilities and police services around the world.

Zimmermann test – PRO Test store offers much more

Using Zimmermann reagent drug test is not all you will find in our store. We also have in it high-quality disposable drug tests – such as the fentanyl test or MDMA Test Kit. Such disposable solutions are perfect for people who only use psychoactive substances from time to time.

What do they and the Zimmermann reagent-using test have in common? The PRO Test store offers all of them at very affordable prices, moreover, they take a few minutes to perform. This saves you time, health and money!

See what drug tests we have in our offer and order the best one for you today!

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