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The use of psychoactive substances always carries the risk of negative health effects. If, in addition, they are contaminated, that is, there are admixtures of other drugs in them, this risk seriously increases. Therefore, it is recommended that you always test for purity before taking them.

For this you do not need to go to a laboratory and pay large amounts of money. In our store there is an affordable Robadope drug test, with the help of which you can detect additional admixtures in the substance. This will allow you to make the right decision about taking it.

What is Robadope test

Robadope test kit is a set of accessories for testing your possession for undesirable, harmful and toxic additives. The main role in it is played by the reagent from which it takes its name. Robadope is the best on the market today for identifying primary amines such as 2C-B, amphetamines, MDA, highly toxic PMA, taurine and others. It can be used to exclude admixtures of primary amines in other substances.

Performed with the Robadope reagent, the drug test is characterized by high efficiency, so its results can be trusted. All the more so because it was created with tools recommended by the UN. The same reagent is used by medical facilities around the world, as well as by services involved in the detection and identification of dangerous substances.

What does the Robadope test kit contain?

Robadope test kit is a kit that includes the following components:

  • Robadope reagent – a high-quality chemical reagent used primarily for the identification of amines. It is in the form of a liquid, while the HDPE protective packaging holds 5 ml. This is an amount that should be sufficient for up to 100 tests;
  • protective vermiculite;
  • a porcelain plate – the surface on which the tests are performed. It is reusable and must be cleaned solidly before each test;
  • micro spatula – makes it easier to spread the liquid and mix the sample with it;
  • instructions with application for all tests and more than 800 substances.

All the components of which the Robadope drug test is made are of the highest quality workmanship. We offer our customers only the best, by which we can take effective care of their health. And since we offer the kit at a very affordable price, it is safe to say that with ProtestKit you save not only your health, but also time and money!

Robadope drug test – how to use it?

Using Robadope reagent, the drug test is a simple operation that does not require any complicated steps. It should be performed in a well-ventilated room, and it is recommended to use goggles and protective gloves during.

For the test, you need to prepare a sample of the substance you want to take. If it is in the form of a tablet or crystal, crush it and grind it into a powder. In the case of a liquid, you need to dry a drop of it, and if you have a blotter or jelly, just cut off a corner of it.

You place the prepared sample in the recess of a porcelain plate, and then cover it with Robadope reagent. And that’s it… everything! All you have to do is wait 3 minutes and then check if the color of the sample has changed. If it has, use the app or instructions to see the meaning of the color. Each admixture that the Robadope test shows has a specific reaction color.

Why choose a Robadope drug test?

If a drug test performed with the Robadope reagent shows that there is an admixture in the substance, then you should consider whether it is worth the risk of consuming it? Such synthetic additives can have extremely harmful effects on health, and in extreme cases can even lead to death.

Remember that the Robadope drug test only shows the presence of the admixture, saying nothing about its quantity or concentration. If you want to know these parameters, you must then reach for a TLC drug test for purity. In combination with the Robadope reagent, it will give you all the information about the substance and the additives in it.

Robadope test store means health protection at a good price

As already mentioned, Robadope test is offered by our store at an affordable price. Its advantage is not only its high efficiency, but also its small size, so you can use it not only at home. You can easily take it with you on a trip and conduct the test, for example, in a hotel room or even in a tent.

Using the Robadope reagent, our store will deliver the test straight to the address you specify, in discreet packaging. We also have other suggestions for those who want to test the purity of substances. We offer disposable tests that target specific substances. Examples include the FENTANYL test and the MDMA Test Kit.

PRO Test is a store where you can find everything you need to protect your body from highly toxic substances of various origins. Take a look at our full offer, choose the test that suits you best and order it today!

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