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The purity of the psychoactive substances taken is of colossal importance. If they are contaminated by synthetic additives, or there are admixtures of other origin, in such a situation there may be a risk of serious damage to the body. That is why it is worth reaching for the Ehrlich test – a special test that was created precisely to enable you to avoid problems.

For whom is it intended, how does it work and to whom can it be recommended?

Ehrlich – a test that will allow you to check the purity of a substance

What is the Ehrlich test kit? Here we have a set of accessories that allow us to assess whether the psychoactive substance in our possession contains so-called indoles (LSD, DMT, melatonin and others) or substitutes – such as phenethylamines. Everything has been prepared so that anyone can use it. You don’t need to have any knowledge of psychoactive substances or tests to take the test.

And what does it look like in concrete terms? In simple terms. The Ehrlich drug test consists of several components. The most important role is played by the reagents contained in packaging made of dense HDPE plastic. In addition, there is a protective vermiculite, a porcelain plate, a microspatula and an instruction manual with an application for all tests and more than 800 substances.

The Ehrlich reagent has the form of crystals. A positive result or Ehrlich reaction test is a color change to purple, pink or purple. In the package you will find a quantity of them allowing up to 100 tests. This is standard with this type of kit and you will also find the same amount of reagent in others, such as Cocaine Test Kit or Ketamine Test Kit. Therefore, it will be a great solution especially for someone who frequently uses psychoactive substances.

If, on the other hand, you do it infrequently, the Ehrlich test is also available in a disposable version.

Ehrlich test kit – how to use it?

No matter what reagent you use the Ehrlich test with, the way to use it is always the same – simple and easy. You need to prepare a sample of the substance, and then place it on the enclosed plate or other even, clean ceramic surface (such as a plate). Remember that a new sample is needed for each test. Then you add enough reagent to the sample to cover it.

What to do next. Leave the sample for five minutes and after that time see if it has changed color. In the case of a gel or blotter, this will be up to 30 minutes. What does the color change mean? This is explained in the attached instructions. You can also use a smartphone app to read the result. For example – when DMT is detected, the sample will take the color of wine, with LSD it will become purple, and so on.

If you also use Hofmann reagent for the Ehrlich test, it is the best way to check LSD, DMT and others. The Ehrlich LSD test combined with the Hofmann test will give you confidence in the purity of psychoactive substances. But what if you want to check not only purity, but also identify specifically the presence of admixtures? In this situation, the Ehrlich LSD test alone is not enough, You need to use more reagents and preferably combine the reagents with a TLC-type purity test.

Ehrlich test – the store offers various reagents

If you have an Ehrlich test, our store offers various reagents for you, allowing you to specifically identify admixtures along with their amount. Therefore, we have separate tests for the purity of MDMA, cocaine, cannabinoids, as well as a full purity test. You can not only buy Ehrlich test from us, but also a host of reagents necessary for detecting all sorts of substances.

What they all have in common is the highest quality workmanship, which translates into high performance and authoritative results. These are the reasons why you can have confidence in the results of the test performed.

Ehrlich drug test – what do you need to remember?

Reagents must be stored in a cool, dry place and protected from sunlight. It is advisable to use gloves and protective goggles when performing the test, and to avoid contact of the reagents with the skin – if this happens, wash the contact area with warm water and soap.

Ehrlich drug test should be used in a well-ventilated area. The manufacturer recommends that it be kept out of the reach of children and animals.

Ehrlich test – when can you use it?

Ehrlich test reaction does not have any special requirements for the place where it can be used, and adding to this the relatively small size of the whole kit, you can easily take it with you when traveling. Therefore, you can just as well use it in your home or apartment as in a hotel or even under a tent. In any case, you should follow the recommendations related to the correct use of the test.

It should be noted that all the Ehrlich tests in our offer comply with the standards prepared for such products by the United Nations. They are often used by medical services, police and other organizations. Despite this, Ehrlich test is available in our store at a very affordable price. Thus, you can ensure for a small amount of money certainty about the psychoactive substance you want to introduce into your body.

With PRO Test you save not only money, but most importantly, you effectively protect your health! Therefore, order the Ehrlich test today and be sure that you will not suffer any negative health consequences!

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