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Cannabinoids Test Kits – Cannabinoids Purity Tests

Single and multi-use cannabinoid test kits. The Cannabis reagent is required to confirm presence of CBD or THC and to rule out synthetic cannabinoids. Zimmermann / Beam reagent turns reddish with CBD, allowing comparison of CBD content even in THC dominant samples. To discover full cannabinoid profile and estimate CBD / THC % pair reagents with the TLC Cannabinoid Test Kit.

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Test kits for cannabinoids are simple tests for identifying flowers, hashish and other cannabis products, including ruling out presence of synthetic admixtures. It is worth noting that the reagents allow you to check for the presence of THC, CBD or synthetic cannabinoids, while in order to test for any natural cannabinoids and estimate their concentration (%), it will be necessary to combine the reagents with a special Cannabinoids Test Kit (TLC). The TLC test allows you to discover all substances present in a sample and what their concentration is. To find out what these substances are you need to pair TLC with reagents.

How are Cannabinoids purity tests used? Read on and find out now!

Everything you need to know about testing Cannabinoids

What are cannabinoids? These are more than 100 different types of active substances, the most popular of which are classified as phytonutrients, that is, having a purely plant origin. They are characterized by various properties related to the state of the body, which is why they can be found in a variety of preparations – from marijuana and hashish to legal highs to drugs and dietary supplements.

Test kit for Cannabinoids: What is it and how does it work?

Test kit for Cannabinoids: what it is and how it works? Drug tests for Cannabinoids work in a simple way – with the kit you get everything you need to perform them. The number of tools varies with the specific kit. For the sake of example, let’s compare two with each other – both are included in our offer:

CANNABIS test  – you will find Cannabis reagent (also known as “4-AP”), vermiculite protection, porcelain plate, microspattern, instructions with application for all tests and more than 800 substances.

Cannabinoids Test Kit (TLC) – here we have such things as instructions, vials, test cards, chromatography chamber (jar), pipette, test liquid, glass tubes, UV-C lamp and rulers for THC and CBD.

How to use Cannabinoids test kits?

A test for marijuana, that is, dried marijuana with THC, CBD or another major cannabinoid, is performed in a very simple way. You need to prepare a sample, which can be a fresh plant or smashed dried. Then place it – depending on the test you choose – on a clean, white testing surface (you can use a plate or the bottom of a cup for this) or place it in a vial.

Then you add the reagent or test liquid and wait for a certain amount of time – this is strictly specified in the instructions, so you always know exactly how long to wait.

Testing Cannabinoids: how to interpret test results?

After the aforementioned time has elapsed, check the sample. If the color has changed, it may indicate the presence of an admixture, that is, it indicates a lack of purity. For example, when using Cannabis reagent, a predominance of THC is signaled by a bluish color. However, remember an important thing – both a positive and negative test result for cannabinoids does not indicate whether the substance is safe.

Cannabinoids test kits comparison

How do the different cannabinoid tester differ from each other? The main difference is the range of results, from the dominant ingredient to the full composition and concentration (%). They are also characterized by different ways to conduct the test. With the more accurate ones, you have to prepare the sample in a certain way, while with the others it can be done right away in a vial containing the appropriate reagent or test liquid. Consequently, we also have a different set of instruments and necessary protective additives in each case. Reagents allow you to identify whether or not a substance is present in the sample. TLC tests, on the other hand, determine how many substances are in the sample and what their concentration is. To have a complete picture of measurements, it is best to combine the use of TLC tests and reagents.

Test kit for Cannabinoids vs. other testing methods

Each test kit for Cannabinoids we offer allows you to easily test and be sure of the quality of the substance you have. Are there other methods for detecting them? Yes – but they require very advanced, specialized equipment, the cost of which is very high. Meanwhile, our tests are available at very affordable prices and require no training or specialized knowledge.

By opting for our cannabinoid tests, you save money, time and your health!

Cannabinoids testing: what options are available?

Cannabinoids tests can be divided into single-use and reusable. In the former case, they are a great solution for people who need to check their cleanliness only occasionally. The reusable solution, on the other hand, will work well where checking for cleanliness and presence is done quite often.

Cannabinoids purity tests: why are they so important?

If you want to use Cannabinoids, then it is a good idea to be sure that they are not contaminated in any way. The presence of synthetic admixtures can be deadly to the human body, and have a very negative effect on performance. Our tests for cannabinoids were created precisely to protect you from danger.

Test kits for Cannabinoids: Safety and Efficacy

Is a test kit for Cannabinoids really effective? Does its use involve no health risks? These are important questions that everyone who wants to use it is sure to ask themselves. And here are the answers.

Safety of Cannabinoids tester

Every Cannabinoids tester on offer has gone through a series of rigorous tests before being made available for sale. However, at all times, reagents can pose some risk – they should not be inhaled, and you must protect your skin from them. You must also handle the plates included in the kits gently.

Effectiveness of Drug Tests for Cannabinoids

How effective is testing Cannabinoids using our tests? Because we use UN-recommended tools for their production, correct results are guaranteed. The same drug tests are used by the police and customs, among others. Therefore, you can be sure that the results are in line with the real state of affairs.

Cannabinoids Tests: Practical applications

When is it a good idea to reach for a purity test? Any time you are about to use cannabinoids, especially if they come from outside a trusted source. With testing, you’ll quickly find out about their quality, which can influence your decision to use them.

What are the possible applications of Cannabinoids testing?

You can use the tests anywhere the conditions are right for it. By following the instructions included with the test, you are always sure of getting the right result.

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