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What is Marquis reagent and why is it good to have it on hand? It is used for the precise detection of substances such as MDMA, MDA, 2C-B and numerous opioids. It can also be used to test for the presence of benzofurans, cathinones, cocaine, tryptamines, phenethylamines and other dangerous substances.

The Marquis reagent test kit we have prepared is designed to give everyone the opportunity to test the substance they have, so that its purity can be checked and unwanted additives can be detected. This is very important, because admixtures can make it have very unpredictable effects, which can lead to serious health problems.

Marquis test – how does it work?

Marquis tests work by combining a sample of a substance with a reagent that takes the form of crystals. When the reagent combines with the sample, a chemical reaction takes place. If there are Marquis-detected agents in the substance, then the reagent should change color. The resulting color shows which substance has been detected.

Since substances can vary (we have documented test results for more than 800 psychoactive agents), while the number of colors is limited, the Marquis reagent test kit has instructions explaining the meaning of each one, or potential additives. You can also use an app for this purpose. Keep in mind, however, that Marquis tests will only enable you to detect the presence of additives without indicating their number or concentration!

What does Marquis test contain?

When you buy the Marquis test from our store, you get the entire accessory kit, which includes: 10 ml of reagent (this is the amount that allows for up to 100 tests), a porcelain plate for conducting the test, a micro-siphon, as well as instructions with the application of all tests and 800+ substances. The reagent comes in a bottle made of high-quality amber glass, which protects it effectively from moisture and air and sunlight.

Remember to always check the expiration date of the reagent before use – if the date has been exceeded, do not use it without checking with an already confirmed sample!

How to perform the Marquis test?

Once you have ez Marquis test, how can you use its capabilities to test the substance you have? It’s simple. Place a plate on a level, clean surface – if you don’t have one or it has been damaged, you can replace it with another glass or ceramic surface. Then prepare the sample. If the substance to be tested is in solid form, crush it, and in the case of a gel or blotter, cut off a corner. You can also test the liquid – for this purpose use a single drop of it.

Now take the bottle containing the MDMA Marquis test. Shake it, and then sprinkle the crystals over the sample, avoiding touching it through the bottle. Use enough reagent to cover the sample. Then wait three minutes, check the color and read the Marquis MDMA test result from the app or instructions.

If you think the Marquis test results are false, you can always repeat it, using a fresh sample after cleaning the test surface.

Marquis test – what do you need to remember?

When you perform the Marquis test, you need to keep in mind that the reagents are strong chemicals, so you need to follow safety rules. First – use protective gloves and goggles during the test. Second – conduct it only in well-ventilated rooms. Third – avoid contact of the reagent with your mouth, eyes and body. If you touch it, immediately wash the contact area with running soapy water.

When you store ez test Marquis at home, it should be out of the reach of children and pets, in a place where it will not be exposed to sunlight.

Marquis test – the store offers more than that!

As already mentioned, the Marquis MDMA test only allows you to detect the presence of an admixture without determining its amount. However, this too is possible – but in such a situation you will need another test, namely the Full Purity Test Kit. Combining it with the Marquis reagent will allow you to indicate the presence, amount and type of substance.

In our store you will also find other reagents designed to detect various substances, such as the MDMA Test Kit, which uses six reagents, or the Ehrlich narcotest, which is perfect for detecting LSD and DMT.

Both these and the Marquis test our store has prepared according to the recommendations of health organizations, as well as using tools recommended by the United Nations. Thus, you can be sure that the test results are factually correct. Marquis test – PRO Test online store offers at a very affordable price – it is not a big expense. We offer it at a very affordable price.

Buying the Marquis test from our store will allow you to avoid the risks associated with taking a dangerously “enriched” substance. Thanks to them you also do not have to pay for its testing in a professional laboratory. PRO Test Kit will protect your health and save you money, so order Marquis test today!

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