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Controlled use of psychoactive substances is a way to make yourself fully comfortable and avoid health problems. What kind of problems? They can arise when you take a substance with admixtures. Their additional effects can lead to extremely serious health consequences, and in the worst cases threaten your life!

That’s why we have prepared a drug test using the Morris reagent. It has a very affordable price and is characterized by high efficiency, so you do not have to pay much for confident protection of your health. Find out how to use it and what is included in the kit we sell.

What does the Morris test consist of?

Morris drug test is a whole set of accessories, and it took its name from the main one. It is a Morris reagent, which is used to identify cocaine, ketamine, DCK, 2F-DCK and derivatives. In addition, it is used to exclude other undesirable or highly toxic hazardous substances.

The Morris reagent is in liquid form. The kit includes its two bottles – the contents of each should be enough to perform at least 100 tests. The Morris test kit also includes a porcelain plate with space for the sample, a microspatula and, of course, an instruction manual with an application for all tests and more than 800 substances.

Morris test kit is designed for people who frequently use psychoactive substances. If you are a person who only reaches for them from time to time and want to make sure that you do not introduce any admixtures into your body, we also have disposable tests that use different reagents, such as the Fentanyl test and LSD Test Kit. This way you can find the drug test that best suits your needs with us.

How to use Morris test kit?

If you already have a Morris drug test, the question naturally arises – how to use it? It is very simple and does not require any major preparation or even knowledge of chemistry on the part of the user. The first thing to do is to prepare the test surface. You can use the plate included in the kit for this purpose, or you can use any clean ceramic surface – it can even be the bottom of a cup.

The second step is to prepare the sample for testing. How to do it? It depends on its form. If it’s hard – you have, for example, a tablet or a dragee – you need to crush a piece of it and grind it into a powder. When you are dealing with a liquid, one drop is enough. Place the prepared sample on the test field.

To make a drug test using Morris reagent, you need to add drops from both bottles. Their amount should be sufficient to cover the sample to be tested. When this is done, stir vigorously for several seconds and check whether the sample has changed its color.

Morris drug test – how to read the result?

If the test substance has no admixtures, the color of the reagent should not change. However, if a different color than expected appears, this indicates the detection of an undesirable substance. The accompanying Morris test kit presents an explanation of what each color means. You can also check it in the app designed for mobile devices.

Performed with the Morris reagent, the test is highly precise and its results can be trusted. Why? Because tools recommended by the UN, among others, were used to create it. However, if it happens that the result of the test seems suspicious to you, you can perform another one using another sample just to be sure – don’t forget to clean the plate or other test surface thoroughly beforehand!

What do you need to watch out for when performing a Morris drug test?

Morris test is based on a chemically strong reagent, so you should avoid contact with your skin, mouth and eyes when performing the test. After use, the equipment used should be washed under running water.

Morris drug test should be stored in a dry, cool place, away from children and animals. Always check the expiration date before using it! If it has been exceeded, it should not be used without checking that it works with the sample already confirmed.

Morris test – shop cares about your health!

Using the Morris reagent, our store offers a test to protect your health. With it you will be sure that the substance you are taking is pure and there are no admixtures in it. In such a situation, you should not expect negative consequences of its consumption, but remember that no substance is 100% safe.

Morris test is an inexpensive expense that will allow you to take better care of your own health. Since it is small in size, you can easily use it not only at home, but you can also take it with you on a trip, away, under a tent and many other places. You can feel safe literally anywhere!

PRO Test kit helps you not only to protect your health, but also allows you to save money, because our tests are much cheaper o d those in the laboratory. That’s why order a Morris narcotest today!

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