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Ketamine Test Kits – Ketamine Purity Tests

Single and multi-use ketamine test kits. Morris reagent is recommended to identify ketamine and other dissociatives. Reagents Mecke, Liebermann, Froehde help detect admixed adulterants. To discover full ingredients and estimate ketamine % pair reagents with a TLC purity test kit.

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Ketamine is a psychoactive substance used in medicine as an anesthetic. Its effects include sedation and dissociative properties, including audiovisual illusions. However, contaminated ketamine can prove to be a deadly agent for life and human health. Therefore, it is important to check the quality and make sure it does not have any undesirable admixtures.

For this purpose, you will find Ketamine test kits in our store. Find out how to use them and what you will get with them.

Everything you need to know about Ketamine test kits

Ketamine test kit is primarily designed to identify it. So, you can subject it to a sample of the substance, so it will show whether you are really dealing with ketamine. But beware – simple colorimetric tests indicate only the presence, without reporting the purity and quantity of the substance. However, you can also check these parameters – for this you will need to use a special TLC Test Kit. It shows how many substances are in a given sample and what their concentration is.

Ketamine test kit: What is it and how does it work?

How does a test kit for Ketamine work? The key to a successful and correct test is to use the right reagent to detect it. There are several such reagents, so in order to meet the expectations of our customers we have in our offer, among others, the Ketamine Test Kit, using Morris reagents, as well as the MECKE or Froedhe reagent test.

How to use a Ketamine test kit?

The test for Ketamine is relatively simple. You need to place a sample of the substance on a ceramic plate or other clean surface intended for this purpose. Then you add the indicated amount of reagent to it and wait for the results. It takes up to 2 minutes at most.

After the test, the tested sample should be removed. In the case of the attached ceramic plate, it requires cleaning under running water. If the Ketamine test kit came with an ampoule, it should be discarded.

Testing Ketamine: How to interpret test results?

Tests for Ketamine work in a very simple way. If it is detected, the color of the sample changes to a certain color, depending on the reagent used. For example – if the test is conducted using Morris reagent, the coloration will be purple. It may also be that the sample will not change color, which will indicate a negative result for the presence of ketamine admixtures. This is how Mecke reagent, among others, works.

How are you supposed to know which color is the right one? There are corresponding explanations next to each test, and you will also find them on our website and in the app. This way, even when you lose the attached chart, you can use a Ketamine tester and read the result correctly online.

Comparison of different Ketamine tests

Since Ketamine tests use a variety of testing methods and reagents, it’s worth considering which one will be more useful to you? Is there any way to determine the best, recommendable methods? Objectively, it is unlikely to be possible, since each type of ketamine test works in a slightly different way and has a different task to perform – from the identification of this substance itself to the detection of admixtures in it. Therefore, the choice depends on your preferences.

Test kit for Ketamine vs. other testing methods

The Ketamine purity tests we offer are kits in which you find everything you need to perform them – starting with special ampoules, ending with a UV-C flashlight and gloves. There are also other methods for its detection, but they require much more sophisticated equipment. Most often, these are only available in laboratories and are beyond the reach of most people.

Ketamine tests: What options are available?

We try to make our offer as diverse as possible, so we offer tests for Ketamine using different types of reagents. The full range is always on our website – so you can choose tests with the reagent you have the most confidence in.

Ketamine purity tests: Why are they so important?

Ketamine tester can be used not only to identify ketamine, but also to rule out DXE, DOC, PMA/PMMA, 2C-B or NBOMe and other undesirable substances. With them, you will also discover substances whose presence not only interferes with the effects of ketamine, but can lead to poisoning of the body and even be a fatal danger to it.

This is why the identification of ketamine is so important. The presence of other additives should be a wake-up call, indicating a particular risk of taking it.

Tests for Ketamine: Safety and Efficacy

Are Ketamine tests safe? If you take the necessary precautions-as much as possible. Reagents are chemicals with strong toxic and corrosive effects, so you need to remember single-use gloves, and conduct tests away from children and animals.

Safety of Ketamine test kits

When using the tests, take care to properly ventilate the testing room, and never allow the reagent to come into contact with the skin. Also pay attention to the expiration date of the test – if it has been exceeded, make sure the tests still work with an already tested sample or another confirmed substance, such as aspirin.

Effectiveness of test kits for Ketamine

All our tests have been solidly tested by laboratories that have confirmed their high effectiveness. This gives you the confidence that the test results are fully reliable.

Ketamine Tests: Practical applications

Ketamine tester can be used in many situations. Since none of them requires any special conditions or additional equipment, you will apply it both at home and when you go away. It’s only up to you when you take the test!

What are the possible uses of Ketamine tests?

A Ketamine test is the best way to detect or identify it. The more complex ones will also allow you to test its purity and reveal the admixtures in it to determine the safety of its use.

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