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MDA/MDMA Test Kits – MDA/MDMA Purity Tests

Single and multi-use MDA/MDMA test kits. Reagents Marquis, Mecke, Simon’s are recommended to identify MDMA. Robadope reagent helps detect admixed PMA, MDA, benzocaine, amphetamine or 2C-x. To discover full ingredients and estimate MDMA % pair reagents with the TLC MDMA Purity Test Kit.

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Both MDA and MDMA use can carry side effects. This is a common effect of their use. It can manifest itself in increased body temperature, vomiting, elevated blood pressure, jawbone and a feeling of powerful dry mouth and even unconsciousness, among other things. However, if the substance is contaminated, much worse effects can occur, having other, longer-lasting or even permanent effects on the body.

That is why we have prepared drug test kits for MDA/MDMA. Find out what they are, how to use them and what you can get with them.

Everything you need to know about testing for MDA/MDMA

Consumption of MDA/MDMA always involves risks. Ecstasy pills, which are commonly found, are very often “doped” with various types of synthetic substances. These additives extremely often cause problems with the heart, circulatory system and have a very negative effect on sensitive bodily functions. Also a risk are pills with an extremely high dose of MDMA or MDA, sometimes exceeding 200-300 mg, a multiple of the average dose. Test kits for MDA/MDMA were created so that the purity of the substance could be identified and/or confirmed.

Drug test kit for MDA/MDMA: What is it and how does it work?

How does a test kit for MDA/MDMA work? It depends on the specific type. We offer single and reusable tests for MDA/MDMA. They have reagents such as Marquis, Mecke, Simon’s and Robadope are recommended for MDxx identification. In addition, the Robadope reagent helps detect admixture of PMA, MDA, amphetamine, taurine or 2C-B, and the Zimmermann reagent helps detect admixture of 3-CMC and other cathinones. To discover the number of components and estimate their concentration (%), combine the reagents with the MDMA Purity Test Kit (TLC).

How to use drug test kits for MDA/MDMA?

Test kits for MDA/MDMA involve using special reagents that are added to a sample of the substance. Depending on the test, it is performed on a plate, a clean ceramic surface or using a special ampoule. In all cases, it is a very simple operation, and since all tests have instructions describing exactly the next steps, you will certainly manage.

Testing for MDA/MDMA: How to interpret test results?

Drug test kits for MDA/MDMA show their results by changing the color of the reagent added to the sample. How are you supposed to know what color means which? That’s explained in the instructions that come with the test. It can also be found on our website.

Comparison of test kits for MDA/MDMA

What are the differences between MDA/MDMA purity tests? First of all, in terms of capabilities, as well as the number of possible uses. Depending on the one chosen, you also get other tools. It is best to use a few examples.

MDMA (Ecstasy) Test (1 test) – is a single-use MDA/MDMA tester. It contains Marquis reagent – the most popular test for checking crystals, powders and tablets. Use it to check MDMA, 2C-B, DMT, meth/amphetamine, mephedrone, opioids and many other substances.

MDMA (Ecstasy) Test Kit – a kit containing five reagents: Marquis, Mecke, Robadope, Simon’s and Zimmermann. Each bottle contains 5 ml (liquids) or 10 ml (crystals), for a total of up to 100 tests.

MARQUIS drug test – the most popular of the reagents for checking 2C-B, DMT, MDMA, meth/amphetamine, mephedrone, opioids and others, allows up to 100 tests.

MDA/MDMA tester vs. other detection methods

A drug test kit for MDA/MDMA is, of course, not the only way to identify substances and check for admixtures. However, the other methods involve the purchase of sophisticated laboratory equipment. Our tests are very reasonably priced, so you don’t have to overpay to be able to inspect MDA/MDMA.

Test kits for MDA/MDMA: What options are available?

In our store you can purchase two types of tests. The first is colorimetric reagents, which is a test kit for the presence of MDA/MDMA and other substances. Color-changing reagents are able to identify from the sample whether it contains any of these substances or the most common substitutes and admixtures. The second type of tests are those that detect the full composition, i.e. the number and concentration of components, or TLC tests. These will make it possible to test whether something has been added to MDA/MDMA even if the admixture does not react with any reagent, such as caffeine. They allow not only to detect the number of admixtures, but also to determine their concentration.

MDA/MDMA purity tests: why are they so important?

A drug test kit for MDA/MDMA is a way to detect impurities in pills, crystals or powders. If it turns out that the substance is not pure, then it is especially worth considering whether it is worth taking it, as it can be associated with very negative health effects.

Therefore, it can be said that you will save your health with our tests!

MDA/MDMA tester: Safety and effectiveness

Are our test kits for MDA/MDMA safe? The manual strictly specifies how to use all the tools, and if you follow it, using the tests carries no risk. However, it is worth remembering a few important things.

Safety of drug kits for MDA/MDMA

Test kits for MDA/MDMA use reagents. These are chemicals that can be corrosive and/or toxic. Therefore, use them only in a well-ventilated room and wear single-use gloves. Do not allow skin contact, and if this happens, wash the contact area with soap and water.

Also pay attention to the expiration date of the tests. If it has been exceeded, make sure the tests still work with an already tested sample or another confirmed substance, such as aspirin.

Effectiveness of drug tests for MDA/MDMA

Our tests are prepared in accordance with UN guidelines. Therefore, you can completely trust their results. The same ones are used by the police, among others.

MDA/MDMA detection tests: Practical applications

When is it worth reaching for MDA/MDMA detection/purity tests? If the substance comes from an unknown or suspicious source, that is, in the case of illegal substances, always. It is worth making sure that there are no harmful admixtures in it, so that taking it could be associated with later health problems.

What are the possible applications of MDA/MDMA test kits?

What is one of the advantages of the MDA/MDMA test kits is that they do not require any specific conditions and you can use them both in your own apartment and while traveling, such as in a hotel or tent.

Wherever you are not, our tests will help you protect your health!

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