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  1. Horst
    15 November 2023 @ 14:42

    If you are talking about the German brand, they are now even state-validated by forensic medicine and are officially used in Germany by the Ministry of Health. Validation data is even available on the miraculix website. There are also numerous reports on the internet, such as from psychedelicpassage, where they have been compared with energy control, which show great feedback.


    • Jerzy Afanasjew
      15 November 2023 @ 16:57

      Hi Horst, thank you for your input. Do you have any source regarding the Ministry of Health? Government agencies use HPLC and alike for quantitative analysis, not colorimetric reagents. As for validation data, we looked hard on their website but it’s nowhere to be seen.

      We also disagree that the feedback regarding this product is “great”. Everything we have seen is inconclusive and highly subjective at best. Even the website you mentioned, if you look at their psilocybin reading, is completely different than result of the lab analysis. Their LSD reading is coincidentally (?) at the only high contrast part of the scale (which is not linear by the way, good luck telling apart 150 and 200 ug). The MDMA reading is not any better.

      By the end of this year we will release our mushrooms and LSD potency / purity tests at less than 10% of the price of the brand you are referring to. Stay tuned 🙂

      Regards, Jurek @ PRO Test


      • Mario
        2 February 2024 @ 17:47

        Any update on this one ? Curious about it.


        • Jerzy Afanasjew
          3 February 2024 @ 02:10

          We ran into an obstacle but it seems to be resolved now. Current ETA is April 2024. Apologies for the delay. Regards, Jurek @ PRO Test


  2. Jack Norton
    4 May 2023 @ 19:57

    I don’t know why more experienced mycophiles are so tough on newbs. Bruising is not so straightforward depending on the species especially if you’ve never seen it before, some are more blackish and some a greenish blue and others hardly at all. Best thing to do if unsure is find an experienced forager, post thorough pics on an identification site, and lastly get a microscope. I too remember wondering if there was a test when I first started foraging wood lovers. Good luck.


  3. James
    6 December 2022 @ 16:50

    I am looking specifically for something that gives the amount of psilocybin in a mushroom.
    I can’t imagine being welcomed with open arms if I walked into a lab setting and said “hey guys. Got some mushrooms I need tested for psilocybin content”! Does anyone know where I would even look for a lab that would or could do this?


  4. Philip McIntosh
    25 November 2022 @ 16:01

    I suggest you edit or remove this statement because it is demonstrably false:

    “The only truly reliable (and simple) way to check if mushrooms contain psilocybin is to pinch them when they are not fully dried and see if any blue bruising appears.”

    It may be “simple” but it’s not “truly reliable” since other kinds of mushrooms will also stain blue or bluish green. It’s an indication but not proof all by itself.


    • PRO Test
      29 November 2022 @ 09:58

      Thank you for the suggestion, changed it to “most reliable”.


  5. Scrooge
    5 September 2022 @ 03:41

    Is there anywhere where I can upload a photo of what I have and get some help identifying these mushrooms or the Spore prints I took? I’ve been doing a lot of reading on it and I’m trying I’ve been doing a lot of reading on mushroom spore prints but I cannot tell what freaking color this is. They all look black to me! I might be color blind I don’t know anyway if someone could help me that would be greatly appreciated. PS when I pinch them to me it looks more of a bluish black but I’ve heard I should be looking for purple is that correct?


  6. Found Shrooms
    31 March 2022 @ 15:14

    I found a sealed bag of dried mushrooms, is there any method of Identifying or testing them in this state?


    • PRO Test
      6 April 2022 @ 08:06

      You can inspect them visually for characteristical gills / shape and signs of blueish bruisin from handling when fresh.


  7. Tt
    11 November 2021 @ 18:28

    Ignore step one. This is terrible advice, if found by someone foraging. Do NOT eat a mushroom if your only indicator is that you’ve pinched it and it’s turned blue.
    There are many mushrooms you can pinch, and they turn blue. That are non-edible or non-psychadelic.
    And many that are even poisonous. This is a myth.


    • PRO Test
      11 November 2021 @ 19:02

      It’s no myth, please take a look at the recently published research paper Of course no presumptive analysis method is infallible, but blue bruising (along with two other features, most notably gills and purple-brown spore print) provides strong evidence that a particular mushroom is an active psilocybin mushroom. In any case you should ALWAYS assume a sample of unknown origin can contain an unexpected substance – unless you have access to lab testing.


  8. Ryan Hellyer
    23 September 2021 @ 16:46

    There is now a psilocybin test kit available. I was one of the first customers for them and wrote up a review of it [redacted].

    I didn’t compare the results with a proper lab test, so I can’t confirm if the numbers I got were accurate, other than that it didn’t detect any psilocybin in champignons I bought from the supermarket.


    • PRO Test
      6 October 2021 @ 08:15

      Thank you for your comment. We are aware that psyloc(yb)in can be extracted and identified, however we can only agree with your own conclusion about that particular product – “As with most tests involving eye balling a colour chart, it was hard to pick where to place it”. Your own result photo does not match the reference chart at all. Unfortunately that test kit is neither reliable nor precise, and at 15 EUR per test we strongly feel it is worse than flipping a coin. We looked into reagent potency tests, but they are dishonest and not up to our standards.


      • Anonymous
        22 June 2022 @ 02:02

        Has the situation changed? Are there any good kits?


        • PRO Test
          23 June 2022 @ 10:46

          Not any better than looking for blue bruising.


          • Cacogen
            6 July 2022 @ 20:17

            If you were discussing a kit from a certain German company, Alan Rockefeller seems to have a somewhat higher opinion of it than you do.

          • PRO Test
            6 July 2022 @ 22:06

            We haven’t seen any conclusive result of using that kit.

          • Cacogen
            6 July 2022 @ 20:21

            There are psilocybin-containing mushrooms that do not regularly bruise blue (e.g., Ps. semilanceata) — whether from low psilocin content, or because it lacks whatever enzymes are involved in the bluing reaction from psilocin –> blue compounds.

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