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TLC Test Kits

Drug purity testing kits come in 3 types: reagent tests, TLC and test strips. Use reagents in a multi-use kit to identify most common substances. Pair reagents with a TLC test kit to discover number and amount (%) of almost all ingredients. Use fentanyl test strips to rule out fentanyl.

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What are TLC drug test kits? They are specialized kits that contain the tools and liquids necessary to identify the number of substances and the amount of their concentration in crystals, powder, solution, plants or tablets. Depending on the test chosen, you can use it to determine the concentration of MDMA (Ecstasy), cocaine, THC, CBD, it can also be used to detect admixtures in other substances – this test can be used to estimate the number and amount of substances in samples.

How should they be used, what is their effectiveness, as well as their reliability? We explain all these issues. Read on and find out today!

TLC Test Kits: Guide

A TLC drug test can either be a complete test, meaning that it can detect and estimate the number (presence of admixtures) of alkaloids, cannabinoids and synthetic substances, or it can be aimed at testing both the number of substances and the concentration of a particular drug. In order to carry out the test, a sample of the substance in question must be used. It can be in the form of a powder, liquid, plant, blotter or gel tab. To perform the test, you will need the ratio of the sample to the included test fluid, as specified in the instructions.

Everything you need to know about TLC test kits

Keep in mind that a TLC test kit is not a substitute for reagents to identify substances. It allows you to assess their number and concentration. Each TLC drug test has one to several test fluids, the use of which serves other purposes. For example, the Full Purity Test Kit (TLC) contains test fluids for cocaine, cannabinoids, MDMA and other synthetic substances or alkaloids. The MDMA Purity Test Kit (TLC), on the other hand, has one primary test fluid for MDMA, amphetamine, 2C-B, DMT, LSD, heroin, ketamine and other synthetic substances, except benzodiazepines, cathinones, cocaine and cannabinoids.

How many times you can use a given test – depends on whether you test samples individually or several at once. Each is an investment in at least several tests, so they can serve you for a long time.

How to use a TLC drug test correctly

Each TLC test kit has detailed instructions for use. It shows the next steps of performing the test, so that even someone who has not dealt with it before will be able to carry out the whole process correctly without any problems. But be warned – it is necessary to take into account not only the test itself, but also to take care of the proper environmental conditions for both the test and the storage of the components included in it.

A good example is the Cocaine Purity Test Kit (TLC). The purity test plates included in the kit are very sensitive and must necessarily be stored in a dark and dry place. The test liquids themselves have adequate protection thanks to special packaging made of high-quality glass and aluminum. Perfectly fitting closures ensure that no airborne contaminants, moisture, etc. can enter.

TLC drug tests: Comparison

We offer a variety of TLC drug tests. Which one is the best to choose? The answer to this question depends primarily on what substance is to be tested. As mentioned earlier, we have both general tests for purity, as well as those designed for specific agents. Therefore, TLC drug test kits comparison is not difficult – for example, if you want to check the purity of MDMA, cocaine, THC or CBD, choose, for example, the MDMA Purity Test Kit (TLC). If you want to check the purity of different substances, choose the Full Purity Test Kit (TLC).

Comparison of TLC drug test kits: How to choose the best one?

All the TLC tests found on our site have detailed descriptions, so you can choose the one that best suits you. Next to many of them there are also videos showing the use of a particular test in practice. This in turn will help you in its use.

All the components and accessories included in the kit are also listed next to the descriptions. We guarantee that everything you need for a successful test is included in each one – starting with reagents, ending with protective gloves and UV-C flashlights (only AA batteries you need to buy yourself).

Effectiveness of TLC drug test kits: Safety and reliability

Before you spend your money, you certainly want to know that the amount of money you will spend on drug testing guarantees the right results. This is a valid question, because there is no point in buying anything blind. Fortunately, we can answer in the affirmative – yes, all the tests we offer are highly effective, as we only offer well-established UN-recommended solutions. However, when you use them, you need to keep certain rules related to safety.

How effective are TLC test kits

As research and statistics show, how effective TLC drug test kits are is high and false results are rare. However, it should be taken into account that the effectiveness of the test can be impaired by factors such as improper handling of plates or other kit components, as well as failure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on reagent storage.

Safety and reliability of TLC drug tests

Special care should be taken when using the tests. Always wear the gloves provided in the kit, and keep them as far away from the eyes and mouth as possible when using the reagents. Tests should be done in an airy, dry place, without animals or children present. Also, do not point the UV-C lamp toward your face!

In a situation where the reagent comes into contact with the skin, wash the contact area with warm soapy water as soon as possible.

TLC drug tests: Applications

Drug tests are an invaluable aid for people who intend to use psychoactive substances. With them, you can check the composition and thus avoid the risk of taking an admixed or particularly dangerous substance. They can also help during toxicological and chemical tests to identify the drug that may have found its way into the patient’s body. Keep in mind, however, that TLC-type purity tests only check for the presence of additives and the amount of the expected substance; you need colorimetric reagents to identify the components.

Drug testing for companies: How to increase safety in the workplace

How will TLC drug tests for companies serve in the workplace? With their help, psychoactive substances and the additives in them can be identified. According to labor laws, any person under the influence of such substances should be removed from performing his duties. A positive result of a narcotest can result in official consequences, including disciplinary dismissal. The result of a test can provide crowning evidence of possession or use of a psychoactive substance before a labor court.

Drug tests for home use: When and how to use them?

TLC drug tests for home use can serve anyone. Checking the purity of substances effectively eliminates the risk of introducing potentially dangerous elements into the body, which can have a very negative impact on health and often life-threatening.

With drug tests for purity, you can see with a high degree of accuracy whether such an agent will not pose a danger to health or life.

It is worth noting that all tests for cleanliness are available in our store at very affordable prices. Each of them allows you to perform at least several tests. We also have the necessary accessories for the tests, such as additional test liquids, dye for identifying cannabinoids detected by the cannabinoid test, or refill TLC tests. Therefore, once you have used up the ones you have, you can buy more at any time, completing the kit you have.

So invest in an effective drug test kit today, start saving your health, money and time!

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