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Multi-reagent Kits

Drug purity testing kits come in 3 types: reagent tests, TLC and test strips. Use a multi-reagent kit to identify most common substances. Pair reagents with a TLC kit to discover number and amount (%) of almost all ingredients. Use fentanyl test strips to rule out fentanyl.

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What is a multi-reagent test kit used for? A reagent test kit is a set of chemicals used to test whether or not a particular substance is present in a given sample. Each such test kit contains different types of reagents, so the number of substances it detects varies.

How do you use the reagents? Are the results they show factually correct? Read on and learn the answers to these questions.

Drug test kit: usage guide

Reagent tests are designed for use in multi-reagent drug test kits, which we offer in a wide selection in our store. They are used to detect other substances in psychoactive drugs. Which ones? Depending on the reagent, this can include 2C-B, benzofurans, cannabinoids, MDMA, MDA, meth/amphetamine, LSD, DMT, ketamine, mephedrone, opioids and others. These can be used to exclude fentanyl, NBOMe, PMA/PMMA, among others.

All you need to know about the multi-reagent drug test kit

A multi-reagent drug test kit is all the tools necessary to make a test of a selected substance. Reagents play a major role in it, since it is with their help that additives are detected. Samples for testing can be in liquid, powder, tablet, carton, gel or dried form. If a substance is detected, the reagent will change its color. A set of several reagents is essential for maximum precision in testing and exclusion of the most common admixtures.

How to use a set of drug tests properly?

The advantage of using such kits is their ease of use. No training is needed in the use of a drug test kit. Everyone has detailed instructions, showing step-by-step the steps of conducting a test of this type. It is easy enough for anyone to handle, and mainly consists of placing a sample of a psychoactive substance on a porcelain plate. Sometimes a ceramic plate or the bottom of a mug is also used. After applying the reagent(s) to the sample, wait a certain amount of time, and then read the results from the accompanying instructions.

Drug tests – multi-reagent test kit: Comparison

Each set of drug test reagents in our store is a proven product that has passed a series of rigorous tests before being released for sale. They all represent the highest quality, and are delivered in packaging that blocks any influence of external conditions on the reagents – such as light, moisture, air, etc.

Comparison of multi-reagent drug test kits: How to choose the best one?

A comparison of multi-reagent drug test kits can only be made in terms of the amount and speed of detection. Why? The answer is simple: narcotests – kits for home and workplace, are available in our store in a wide selection, so you can always find exactly the one you need. The most extensive is the Full Reagent Test Kit – it contains 11 reagents, allowing you to identify more than 700 substances! Others are also available, such as the MDMA (Ecstasy) Test Kit with five reagents and the four-reagent LSD Test Kit.

What’s worth noting is that each package contains enough reagent for at least dozens of tests and, with the utmost care, up to 100 samples! When looking for reagents for yourself, choose those that will allow you to test for the psychoactive substance you are most interested in.

The effectiveness of a drug test kit: Safety and reliability

If you have a drug test kit – reagents are essential in it. However, is it safe to use them? Can you have confidence in the results they give (in color form)? Let’s take a look at these questions.

What is the accuracy of a drug test kit?

The effectiveness of a drug test kit is confirmed by UN recommendations. Based on them, it can be determined that the risk of a false result stands at a very low level. If you have any doubts about the result obtained, then you can repeat the test for certainty or use additional reagents and TLC tests, which allow you to verify the number of substances and their concentration.

Safety and reliability of a drug test kit

How to use a drug test kit safely? You must take into account that the reagents are strong chemicals, so use gloves when conducting tests. Avoid contact of the mouth or eyes with the reagents! In case of contact with the skin, wash it immediately with soap and water.

Drug tests – home kit: Applications

Drug test for home use – kit will serve people who want to use psychoactive substances and be sure that there are no harmful admixtures in them.

How to use a drug test kit at home?

The exact way to use each narcotest is given in the instructions attached to it. Its execution will guarantee that you will achieve reliable results, while the entire process will be carried out safely.

Using a drug test kit: How to prepare

In order to perform the test, you will need a clean, white testing surface. For this you can use the attached ceramic plate, a plate or even the bottom of a mug. Prepare the sample – if it is in the form of a tablet, you will need to grind it into a powder. Be sure to wear protective gloves before starting the actual test!

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