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Substances for calibrating reagents and TLC purity tests.

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Reagent test calibration is an essential activity to make sure that the reagents used will do their job. In the case of narcotests, you are assured of a correct test result thanks to them. The use of the right calibration substance confirms the optimal parameters of the reagents, significantly increasing the reliability of the test.

In our store you will find both substances for reagent calibration and TLC. Learn how to make the right use of them and which one to choose for your needs.

Reagent calibration substances

The drug test kit calibration substances are specific compounds that have been laboratory-confirmed. They must be used with the reagents to optimally adapt them to the reagents in question. TLC purity tests may also require them. To meet the needs of our customers, we have prepared a range of calibration substances that are used in many situations.

Basic information about calibration substances

What exactly are calibration substances? These are agents that have the right chemicals in the right concentration to adapt the reagent to the best performance. Which one? This already depends on the reagent in question. Different standards have been prepared for each. The right substance will make the reagent meet it.

When and why use substances for calibration?

What are calibration substances actually used for? Achieving the right standard gives confidence that a measure is working properly. This translates into the reliability of the results obtained during testing. In other words, it is an adjustment to achieve perfect measurement accuracy. And if you are conducting a test, you certainly want it to be as accurate as possible, right?

TLC test kit calibration: Practical tips

TLC test kits are thin-layer chromatography (TLC) kits. They are used to positively identify THC, CBD and other cannabinoids, MDMA, cocaine, other alkaloids and synthetic substances, including to exclude particularly toxic agents. They are used to rule out admixtures and to check the amount of MDMA, cocaine and THC or CBD in dried, hashish, other hemp extracts or food.

Substances for calibration in TLC tests: How does it work?

All substances for calibration can be used according to the test manual, which clearly and comprehensibly shows you the next steps in carrying out the process. Thanks to this, even if this is your first time calibrating reagents, you will certainly cope with this task. It is not complicated and only requires following a few simple steps in the right order.

Potential errors and how to avoid them when calibrating TLC tests

If you have substances to calibrate TLC tests, here are the most common mistakes users make that negatively affect the quality of the process. Familiarizing yourself with them will allow you to avoid them, leading to successful reagent calibration. First – do not use a calibrator that does not match the test. Here, precision is highly required. If you use the wrong calibrator for the reagent, the results will be false.

Second – there is a designated method for calibration. It must be strictly followed to achieve the desired results. Incorrect calibration will lead to falsification of results.

Effectiveness and safety of reagent calibration substances

Calibration substances are compounds that can have negative consequences for the human body, so it is recommended to use protective measures such as gloves when using them. Avoid their direct contact with the skin, and especially do not allow them in the area of the eyes or mouth.

Evaluating the effectiveness of calibration substances

How effective a calibration substance is depends on the quality of its manufacture. In our store we offer only the highest quality products, so you can be sure that they meet the highest standards associated with the process.

Safety standards when using calibration substances

In addition to the aforementioned personal protection, it is recommended to follow the guidelines found in the instructions or on the packaging. Use the substance away from animals and children, in a well-ventilated room. By following the recommendations, you will minimize the risk of danger, as well as carry out the calibration process properly.

Purchase of substances for calibration: What is worth knowing?

Want to acquire the right substance for calibration? There will be no problem with that. In our store we have both TLC tests and calibration substances in a wide selection. All of them are available at very affordable prices.

Buying guide: reagent calibration substances

How do you choose the best substance for your reagents? This depends, of course, on which reagent you want to calibrate. You will need a different one for the Ehrlich reagent, another for Marquis, Morris, etc. You can find information on which reagents your drug test or TLC test uses on our website.

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