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Accessories for testing psychoactive substances – both of synthetic and natural origin.

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Drug test kit accessories are small items that are nevertheless of colossal importance. Measuring cups, spatulas, vials or other accessories are essential to make sure that tests are carried out accurately and according to instructions. In our store, we offer a wide selection of such accessories, matching different tests.

Drug test kit accessories: A complete guide

All drug test kits shop offers in kits, which consist of several dozen items. Among them, the most important are the reagents, allowing you to perform the test, but it would not be possible without the appropriate accessories – such as spatulas, plates, pipettes or special vials. Occasionally, it may happen that one of them gets damaged. In that case, you will not be able to perform the test. The alternative would be to have to buy a new set.

To meet the needs of our customers, we sell single accessories. This saves a lot of money – by ordering the necessary item from us, you complete the set you have and can use it without any problems.

Everything you need to know about drug test kit accessories

All drug test kit accessories shop offers in our store are available at very affordable prices. Here you will find literally everything you need to complete your kit, no matter which one you have. You can purchase from us both single-use accessories and those that will serve you for a long time, such as a precision scale. It is versatile enough that you will use it for various tests, always being sure to measure the correct amount of sample.

Noteworthy, drug test vials and other accessories are made of materials that do not affect test results in any way. The exception is metal spatulas, which should only be used for samples, not reagents.

Use of drug test kit accessories

How the accessory will be used depends, of course, on its purpose. The wide selection in our store means that you can choose both those that will allow you to measure samples accurately and give you a sterile space for testing or allow you to examine the results. Let’s take a look at some examples.

Drug test spatulas, such as the Micro-Spoon Spatula for Powders, are designed for scooping bulk materials for testing, as well as mixing or spreading them on flat surfaces. Safe Seal vials allow you to store substances, and can also be used to store your own travel drug tests. Thanks to the tight seal, you are guaranteed that the stored powder will not be heavily influenced by air, moisture and other external factors.

Our accessories will serve you equally effectively at home and in the field. All of them are of the highest quality and solid workmanship, making them a sound investment that you are sure to be satisfied with.

Specific accessories for narcotest: rulers, spatulas, reaction plates, vials, pipettes

If you want to do a serious test, in addition to reagents, you need to have the right equipment for it. Drug test kit rulers will allow you to accurately determine the amount of a substance tested with a test for purity (TLC). You can use a precision balance to place a specific amount of substance. Drug test kit pipettes will allow you to pour the test liquid for TLC testing, and test cards are even essential – they will allow you to read the results of TLC tests.

How to properly use rulers, spatulas, reaction plates, vials and pipettes in drug test kits

You can read about how to use drug test kit pipettes or reaction plates in the instructions that come with each kit. There is also information on whether the accessory can be used only once, or will be used for multiple uses. If reuse is possible, you will find detailed information on how to handle it after the test is done. For example, the ceramic reaction plates after the test is done, you just need to rinse them with soap and water so that you can use them again.

This way, even if you have never dealt with accessories before, you are sure to use them correctly.

Drug test kit shop: Drug test kit accessories

Our store sells drug test kits in wholesale, so it could not miss individual items from each set. This is a convenient solution in a situation where the elements from the set you bought are damaged or lost somewhere – which can always happen. Then you only need to select the right ones and you can already use all the possibilities it gives you.

How to choose the right drug test kit accessories in our store

It’s a simple task. Check the manual – or our website – for the names of the accessories that were in your kit. This will tell you precisely which ones to order in order to fully use the narcotest. It’s worth taking the time to check carefully, because selecting the intended test, the right accessory, ensures that you can fully use your chosen kit.

What all accessories have in common is not only high quality workmanship, but also very attractive, affordable prices. See, choose and order today!

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