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Single Reagents

Drug purity testing kits come in 3 types: reagent tests, TLC and test strips. Use several single reagents to identify most common substances. Pair reagents with a TLC kit to discover number and amount (%) of almost all ingredients. Use fentanyl test strips to rule out fentanyl.

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Single reagents are chemicals with which you can test for the presence of admixtures in psychoactive substances. They are used to positively identify and exclude toxic, dangerous and undesirable additives. Which ones? That already depends on the specific reagent. These, in turn, can be purchased in sets or individually.

Read on and find out how they should be handled, what safety precautions should be taken, and are the test results using the reagents reliable?

Single Reagents: Guide

Drug test reagents are used to detect the presence of admixtures or the expected substance. They work when a substance causes a color change due to a chemical reaction. With their help, the full number and amount of admixture will not be shown – separate TLC tests are used for this. They are also available in our store.

Everything you need to know about single drug test reagents

Single reagent drug tests vary in what they detect. For example, the single-use MDMA (Ecstasy) Test is a Marquis reagent. Among single-use tests, it is the best way to check MDMA, 2C-B, DMT, meth/amphetamine, mephedrone, opioids and others. On the other hand, the single-use LSD Test is an Ehrlich reagent, the optimal solution when it comes to the initial identification of DMT, LSD, other lysergamides and tryptamines, and to rule out NBOMe or DOC.

How to use single reagents properly

If you want to use a single drug test reagent, the accompanying instructions will help you. The whole procedure is very simple and requires only a few steps, involving the preparation of the test site and then covering a sample of the psychoactive substance with the reagent. The result is shown after literally a few minutes.

Single reagent tests: Comparison

A single narcotest reagent requires use with a sample of a psychoactive substance. What kind of sample it will be – it depends on the particular test. An example would be the MARQUIS reagent drug test – this is the most popular reagent for checking crystals, powders and pills. Another reagent, Ehrlich reagent, is one of the main tests for identifying indoles such as LSD, DMT, but also other lysergamides, tryptamines, melatonin, 5-htp and more.

Comparison of single reagents: How to choose the best one?

How do you choose the best reagent for you?Simply match it to the psychoactive substance whose purity you want to test. In our store you will find the largest selection of colorimetric reagents in the country – so whatever substance you do not intend to test, you will find with us the right one to check its purity. If there is an admixture, it may mean that it is particularly harmful to the body.

Efficacy of single reagents: Safety and reliability

Well, since we can identify admixtures thanks to reagents, questions naturally arise – to what extent can the results of the measurements be trusted, and how to carry them out safely? Let’s clarify both of these questions.

What is the effectiveness of single reagent tests

Single reagent tests intended for drug tests are characterized by accuracy of measurements, if you strictly follow the instructions of a particular test and check the result after the time indicated therein. In a situation where you have any doubts about the test result you receive, you can run the test again just to be sure. For maximum precision in the test, use a set of several different reagents.

Safety and reliability of single reagents

Regardless of which reagent you use, the same rules for maintaining safety apply with all of them. First and foremost, tests should be performed through gloves (they are included with each drug test kit). Keep the reagents in a dry and dark place, away from children and animals. Their use should be done in a well-ventilated room.

If skin contact occurs, then wash the area with soap and warm water.

Single reagents for home use: Applications

Single drug test reagents are designed to refill used reagents from kits. This allows you to continue using drug tests without having to buy a new kit. Depending on the capacity of the package, the reagent can serve from one to dozens of tests.

How to use single reagents at home?

The exact instructions for handling the reagent can be found in the accompanying leaflet. In general, it involves placing a sample of the psychoactive substance in the reagent. A powder is recommended, so in the case of tablets or crystals, they should be wiped off. If you are testing a blotter or jelly, then a quarter of it should be cut off for the test.

Training in the use of single reagents: How to prepare?

Before starting the test, prepare a clean ceramic surface on which you will place the sample. After applying the reagent to it, you must wait patiently for the time specified in the instructions, and then check the result.

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