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Single-use Tests

Drug purity testing kits come in 3 types: reagent tests, TLC and test strips. Use reagents such as in single-use tests to identify most common substances. Pair reagents with a TLC kit to discover number and amount (%) of almost all ingredients. Use fentanyl test strips to rule out fentanyl.

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Drug tests are a quick and easy way to check and identify the presence of admixtures and additives in psychoactive substances. How do they work? Can they be trusted? Which single-use drug test should you opt for?

We answer these questions and advise which one will be best suited for your specific needs. Read on and make the best choice!

Single-use drug test

Single-use drug tests can be used to check for the presence of a psychoactive substance and admixtures or additives. What they detect depends primarily on the reagent used in them.

We can currently offer our customers single-use drug tests with reagents such as Cannabis, Froehde, Ehrlich, Marquis and Morris. Each of them is used using a small sample of the substance in question. This can be in the form of a blotter, crystal, powder, tablet or plant. Depending on the specific test, results are generally shown after 1-2 minutes.

Everything you need to know about single-use drug tests

A single-use drug test shows results by means of a change in the color of the reagent when the sample is added. The reaction according to the instructions indicates the presence of the substance. It should be taken into account that the strongest reaction is at the point where the surface of the reagent comes into contact with the sample, and degrades after a long time due to contact with air.

To be sure of the result, compare the observed color change with the instructions. However, what is worth emphasizing – a test with a single reagent will only allow you to indicate the presence of a substance, you will not get information on all the admixtures or % concentration. This type of information is only available through TLC-type tests for substance purity or advanced laboratory tests. Mixtures are detected when an admixture causes a darker reagent reaction than the expected substance – so consider multi-reagent kits and TLC-type substance purity tests. Single-use drug tests can only indicate the presence of a substance.

How to use a single-use drug test correctly

Single-use drug tests mostly work in a similar manner. A sample of the substance should be crushed to a fine dust or cut 1/4 of a blotter or gel tab, and if using a liquid form, it should be dried before testing on a clean ceramic surface or placed on paper. The ampoule inside the test should be broken in half, without using too much force so as not to crush it. Then the sample is placed inside, using the spatula provided with the test. Finally, wait and see if there is a color change.

Single-use drug tests can also work in other ways. For example, a test for fentanyl requires the use of a certain amount of pure water, in which the sample is dissolved and then the test strip is placed in it.

Since the ways to perform the test can vary, the accessories found in a given test also vary.

Single-use drug tests: Comparison

As the name implies, a single-use drug test is for a single use, after which it must be discarded. It does not matter what form the samples are given to it in. Both wet and dry tests are single-use after which they cannot be used for retesting. Both have a high degree of precision and it is not possible to unequivocally point out that one is better.

Single-use drug tests vs reusable tests

Is it better to choose a single-use drug test, or a reusable one? While it may seem that single-use tests are more accurate, this is a misleading view. Single-use tests use a new ampoule each time, so you don’t reuse items once. However, reusable tests offer a wider range of reagents. Fresh samples are also used with each test.

So which is better? Reusable tests are for those who need frequent testing and greater precision. Single-use ones, such as the 2C-B Reagent Test or MDMA (Ecstasy) Reagent Test, on the other hand, are perfect for those customers who only need to take the test occasionally. What is worth noting, both types are available from us at very affordable prices, so it can by no means be said that they will be a big expense.

Single-use drug test: Safety and effectiveness

When you need a single-use drug test, then you want to be sure that it will be reliable. Especially if you haven’t dealt with such tools before, you don’t know if you can trust it. What is left in such a situation? You can ask for the opinion of friends, look for information on the web, or simply take advantage of our offer. In our store we offer carefully selected drug tests with high efficiency.

How effective are single-use drug tests

Well, how – but specifically – effective are the drug tests? These are the same reagents that the police use, so they are highly reliable. This is made possible by a number of modern solutions, related to the reagents and the very way the ampoules are filled.

How to interpret the results of a single-use drug test

For interpreting the results of single-use tests, in most cases, we have prepared special tables with colors. They are in the form of a leaflet, an app and PDF file, so you can also use them on a smartphone as well as a laptop or desktop computer. Each color has a different meaning depending on the reagent used. For example, deep, light blue with Morris reagent means cocaine, but with Marquis pink or pale orange means contaminated cocaine.

You do not have to worry about making a mistake – with each test is given the exact interpretation of the colors, so you are always sure of the correct reading of the result of the test performed.

Single-use drug detection tests: Applications

When is it a good idea to use drug tests? Whenever there is suspicion that a substance may be a drug. With tests of this type, you will be able to determine precisely whether a substance is a drug.

Single-use drug tests at work and in schools

Often drug tests are used in workplaces. This makes it possible to check whether employees bring to them substances banned by law. If an accident occurs, a narcotest will help determine whether a person has had previous contact with them or is in possession of them, which can also suggest being under the influence.

For schools, single-use tests will identify psychoactive substances in the same situations. In the case of young people, it is particularly important to conduct them, as early detection and an appropriate response can prevent the spread of drugs on the premises of an educational institution.

How does a single-use drug detection test affect society?

Psychoactive drugs are mostly illegal. Therefore, their detection can assist law enforcement agencies in finding the source of distribution outside the legal circuit. This, in turn, helps to effectively combat drug addiction and its associated negative effects on society, as well as the lives of individuals.

Therefore, their role cannot be overestimated, and since they are available at very attractive prices – you can take care of your health without spending a lot.

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