In regard to the recent 1V-LSD release we are informing about the expected color change reactions for reagents Ehrlich, Hofmann and Marquis. Ehrlich and Hofmann’s reactions are similar like with LSD, but much slower and might only affect the sample, not the whole used reagent liquid.

1V-LSD reaction results:

  • Ehrlich: Very slow purple (60 minutes)
  • Hofmann: Very slow blue (60 minutes)
  • Marquis: Red / Purple

Note: Ehrlich 2.0’s formula reacts a little slower than the popular hydrochloric acid version of the same reagent.

1V-LSD reactions at 5 minutes
1V-LSD reactions at 5 minutes
1V-LSD reactions at 60 minutes
1V-LSD reactions at 60 minutes

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Special thanks to Cyrilio for sharing the photos.

Reagents presumptively indicate PRESENCE, but not QUANTITY. To detect all ingredients and estimate potency it’s required to use an additional purity test kitA positive or negative test result does not indicate if the substance is safe. No substance is 100% safe.